Disposal of Surplus Assets

Furniture and equipment identified as surplus to a department’s needs may be disposed of by completing the new Electronic Declaration and Disposal of Surplus Assets Form (requires MUN login). Facilities Management will arrange for the removal and disposition of items, typically through public auction. For questions regarding this service, email surplusdisposal@mun.ca.

Departments must maximize the opportunity for reuse of items and to minimize the environmental impact by reducing the amount of new purchases and the amount of material that enters the waste stream.

Before requesting disposal, departments must obtain all necessary approvals for disposal of equipment that contains radioactive sources, x-ray generators, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's), ozone-depleting substances or other hazardous or environmentally sensitive substances and equipment such as autoclaves and distillation apparatuses that require licenses or permits to own or operate. For more information, contact Health & Safety Department at 864-6126.