Environmental and Energy Humanities

Environmental and Energy Humanities

In a province where the natural world is a forceful, everyday presence in people's lives, Memorial is an ideal vantage point from which to consider environmental questions. Our faculty analyze conjunctures between culture and nature in a variety of historical and spatial contexts, and explore how literature, comics, film, and related forms change our thinking about the natural world and our place in it. We also have particular expertise in the rapidly emerging Energy Humanities, an interdisciplinary field premised on the notion that energy sources have profound and often unacknowledged social, cultural, and political implications. As Dominic Boyer and Imre Szeman point out, today's energy and environmental challenges are very much problems of "ethics, habits, imagination, values, institutions, belief, and power–all traditional areas of expertise of the humanities."

Faculty Working in this Area

Dwayne Avery
Caitlin Charman
Joel Deshaye
Danine Farquharson
Robert Finley
Jennifer Lokash
Andrew Loman
Lisa Moore
Fiona Polack


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