Christopher Lockett


Associate Professor


  • PhD (University of Western Ontario)
  • MA (University of Toronto)
  • BA (York University)

Contact Information

Research Interests

Postwar American literature and culture; film, media, and popular culture; fantasy and science fiction

Selected Publications

  • “The Revolting Masses: Zombie Apocalypse and the Horror of Mass Culture” [under consideration]
  • “The Humanist Nostalgia of Station Eleven.” [under consideration]
  • “‘We are not who we are’: Lovecraftian Conspiracy and Magical Humanism in The Cabin in the Woods.” Horror Studies, vol. 6, no. 1, 2015, pp. 121-139.
  • “Accidental History: Mass Culture and HBO’s Rome.” Journal of Popular Film and Television, vol. 38, no. 2, 2010, pp. 102-112.

Current Research Projects

  • The Spectre of Catastrophe: Post-Apocalyptic Visions in the 21 st Century (book)
  • “Zombie Apocalypse and the Revenge on Celebrity” (article)
  • “Apocalyptic Nativism in The Walking Dead” (article)
  • “Romantic Sediments: J.R.R. Tolkien and the Invention of Fantasy” (article)

Regularly Taught Courses


  • English 2000: Major Authors to 1800
  • English 2218: American Literature after 1945
  • English 2811: Introduction to SF and Fantasy
  • English 3261: American Prose Fiction
  • English 3811: The Lord of the Rings
  • English 4272: Topics in Contemporary American Literature
  • Communication Studies 2000: Critical Approaches to Popular Culture


  • English 7055: The Banality of Magic: Fantasy, Myth, and Humanism
  • English 7061: Conspiracy Culture
  • English 7061: HBO’s America: Television, History, Culture
  • English 7072: Difficult Men: Masculinity, Ambivalence, and Power in Prestige Television
  • English 7XXX: Magic Wor(l)ds, or, The Universe Next Door

Honours And Graduate Supervision

Narratives of conspiracy and paranoia; contemporary American fiction and popular culture; science fiction and fantasy; postmodernism; figurations of space and place; apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives