Student FAQ

Answering the big questions


What is a decent place to eat lunch?

Bitters Pub – Bitters is a graduate student-run bar/restaurant on campus that boasts the city's cheapest fish and chips, a variety of veggie options and cheap beer.

For something quick and easy head to the University Centre Foodcourt or the Engineering Cafeteria.

Where is the best cup of coffee?

Jumping bean – your on-campus source for a cup of coffee or a cappucino.

Pro-tip: there’s a publicly available french press and kettle in the MESS room.

Where can I hide away and sleep/read/catch up on FB?

The MESS room – it’s small, warm, quiet and has couches.

What is MESS and where is the MESS room?

MESS is the "MUN English Students’ Society".

The MESS room is available to all English students and is located on the third floor of the Arts and Administration building, adjacent to the English Departmental office.

Anywhere I can nap without being disturbed?

Small private rooms are available for rental in the library. While these rooms are intended for study, a quick nap never hurt anyone (try not to snore!)

Best outdoor hangout?

The courtyard outside the music building (benches, trees, picnic tables).

Have an hour to kill? Go for a walk around long pond!

Where should I workout?

The Works – access to swimming, a running track, fitness equipment, sports equipment and specialized training sessions.

Best undergrad events of the year?

SPARKS – "The SPARKS Literary Festival was established in 2009 to celebrate the literary creations of Newfoundland and Labrador."

MUN Cinema – Screening every Thursday throughout the school year, MUN Cinema presents an exciting selection of foreign and independent films that wouldn't necessarily make it to your average theatre.

Should I drive, take the bus, or walk? Why?

At the beginning of every year there is a parking permit lottery. MUN students are eligible for a parking pass in one of several "zones" around campus. However, without a permit, parking can be a bit problematic.

-Alternatives to having a car-

Try living ON or NEAR campus! - There are several neighbourhoods between MUN and the downtown core that offer reasonable rent prices and enable you to walk to school.

Get a bike – MUN Bikeshare is a volunteer-run service aimed at helping MUN students gain access to bicyles. Open twice a week, MUN Bikeshare offers both bicycles and the necessary tools/guidance to fix your own bicycle inexpensively.

Metrobus – Detailed schedules and maps, they even have an app!

How can I get an on-campus, part-time job?

MUCEP/Student Employment – A variety of jobs from researching to watering plants.

Writing Centre – Like writing? Get paid to help your fellow students edit their work.

Where can I find cheap used books?

facebook group – MUN students selling used textbooks.

QEII Library – Need a book? Why not check the Library?

CFUW Annual Book Sale – Every year the Canadian Federation of University Women organize a second-hand book bananza filling the Arts & Culture Centre with piles of essential treasures.

Should I actually go to my professor's office hours?

Yes! It might seem scary at first, but MUN's small class sizes allow for easy access to one-on-one time with your professor. Office hours are a great way to gain clarity on something you didn't understand in class or to get direction on a tricky paper. 

Where should I go for a more concise collection of links?

Resources – A resourceful resource for resources.