Sociology Speaker Series: Dr. Tina Fetner

Mar 1st, 2016

Liam Swiss

Tina Fetner Talk
Sociology Speaker Series: Dr. Tina Fetner

MUN Sociology is fortunate to host Dr. Tina Fetner, McMaster University for another installment of the Sociology Speaker Series. 

Dr. Fetner will give a talk titled:

"Changing Attitudes toward Lesbian and Gay People in the United States and Canada."

Friday, March 4, 12pm, Room A1045

Attitudes toward lesbian and gay people are changing rapidly in recent decades, but like any social phenomenon, these changes are not universally embraced, but rather are uneven across social contexts. What social forces promote more positive attitudes toward lesbian and gay people? I consider three connected factors: social movement activity, anti-discrimination policy, and social connections to lesbian and gay people. I compare Canada with the United States, and I consider differences among U.S. states.