Research Centers


Our faculty are involved in a range of research groups and centers, including:

  • Safety NetBarb Neis, Alan Hall. The SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research is a community alliance for multidisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and education in occupational health and safety (OHS), based at Memorial University. The mission of SafetyNet is to support research, education and knowledge transfer for the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and, above all, prevention of work-related injuries and diseases.
  • On the Move Partnership: Nicole Power. On the Move Partnership is investigating workers’ extended travel and related absence from their places of permanent residence for the purpose of, and as part of, their employment. The On the Move Partnership includes more than 45 researchers from 17 disciplines and 24 universities across Canada and internationally, working with more than 30 community partners to design and carry out research, interpret results and disseminate findings.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research: Nicole Power. NLCAHR’s mission is to contribute to the effectiveness of the health and community services system of Newfoundland and Labrador and to the physical, social, and psychological health and well-being of the province’s population by supporting the development and use of applied health research in this province.
  • COMPON: Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks: Mark Stoddart. Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks (Compon)—is designed to address the causes of variation in societal and governmental responses to the reduction of greenhouse gas (especially carbon dioxide) levels in the global atmosphere.
  • Sustainable Canada Dialogues: Mark Stoddart. SCD is a voluntary initiative that mobilizes over 60 researchers from every province in Canada. We aim to identify actions designed to have viable, large impacts based on our expertise and on dialogue among our members.
  • University of the Arctic: Arctic Extractive Industries: Mark Stoddart. The main activity of the Thematic Network is a Pan-Arctic Extractive Industries PhD programme in the Social Sciences related to extractive industries.
  • Waste, Science, Technology, and Environment (WaSTE): Max Liboiron. WaSTE is an interdisciplinary research hub based at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Whether we are studying arsenic from mining waste in the far north, electronic waste in outer space, or plastic pollution in oceans and bodies, we critically examine the confluence of social and material “matters of concern” using theories and methods from Science and Technology Studies (STS).