Why Sociology?

What is sociology?

Sociology explores patterns of human social life and examines the development, structuring, and organization of societies in all their historical and current diversity. Sociologists seek to understand how people live, think, feel, and believe in the ongoing processes that maintain and shift society and culture. Through understanding the social forces, structures and relationships that shape our world, sociology allows us to see why and how things are as they are, and how everything could be otherwise. Sociology is therefore central to understanding institutions, organizations, social policy, inequality, privilege, social problems and social change. Memorial's Department of Sociology has research strengths in the sociology of work, occupational health, immigration, culture, theory, gender, sexuality, technology and society, political sociology, social and economic development, the environment, deviance, and criminology.

What do sociologists do?
What do sociology students study? Some sample courses include:
  • SOCI 2290 Animals and Society; introduces students to contemporary sociological approaches to the study of the relationship between human and non-human animals.
  • SOCI 3140 Social Movements; examines the major social movements that have driven social changes related to gender equality, social justice, human rights, and the environment. The course asks why people become involved in social movements, and what factors contribute to movement success. The course also examines social movements’ use of mass media and new media technologies as tools for reaching the public and provoking social and cultural transformation.
  • SOCI 3400 Sociology of Youth; explores the social construction of youth and reviews major theoretical approaches to the study of youth within Western Society. The course examines youth in relation to culture and identity, place and space, social inequalities, and social institutions.

What sorts of jobs do sociology students get?

Charli Junker holds a BA from Memorial in sociology and gender studies. She is currently employed as a designer and owns the business Your Space Our Design in St. John’s. Charli is a regular contributor to Home & Cabin magazine and has appeared on the television show Open House NL. Her work has also appeared in East Coast Living magazine.