Sociology Graduate Student Recruitment: Six Fully Funded Positions

Dec 10th, 2015

Max Liboiron

MUN students in the field
Sociology Graduate Student Recruitment: Six Fully Funded Positions

Memorial University‚Äôs Department of Sociology offers a thesis and non-thesis program leading to a Master of Arts degree in Sociology, and full or part time study for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Sociology. Applicants are invited to submit applications now with a deadline of February 1, 2016. 

In addition to partially funded open positions on any topic, there are six fully funded positions on faculty projects:

Two MA & Two PhD Positions in Oil Tourism
Dr. Mark Stoddart,
This research adopts an international comparative approach to studying the connections and tensions between offshore oil and nature-oriented tourism as pathways for social-ecological development at sites across the North Atlantic: Newfoundland and Labrador, Scotland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. This research will help us understand how the "oil-tourism interface" is shaped through the interaction of governments, the oil industry, the tourism industry, social movements, and the media.

One MA & One PhD Position in Participatory Citizen Science on Marine Plastics
Dr. Max Liboiron,
This project investigates methodologies that are appropriate to researching and acting in environments that are affected by permanent pollution. Our main case is marine plastics, a largely invisible but permanent pollution problem emblematic of the Anthropocene. While the project will look at a variety of methodologies based in action, activism, and making change during research, we will focus on participatory citizen science in particular. 


Contact specific faculty if you are interested in the fully funded positions. Frequently asked questions about applying for a sociology Masters degree are here, and for a PhD, the FAQ is here.