Research Video with BA student Kelsea Perry

Aug 24th, 2015

Max Liboiron

Kelsea Perry video still
Research Video with BA student Kelsea Perry

Kelsea Perry is featured in Memorial University's Research Video Series. Kelsea graduated this past May with a B.A. (Honours) in Sociology, a minor in Law & Society and a certificate in Criminology. She’s originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S., where she first began her program before transferring to Memorial in 2012 to finish it.
For her summer research internship, she teamed up with Dr. Rose Ricciardelli, an associate professor with the Department of Sociology. Kelsea is doing qualitative research geared towards identifying the ways correctional officers in provincial prisons value and use their communication skills when working with youth prisoners. She says it has been an incredibly rewarding experience!
See the video here!