Postdoctoral Fellowship - Stephanie Sodero

Mar 2nd, 2016

Liam Swiss

Postdoctoral Fellowship - Stephanie Sodero

Stephanie Sodero, a MUN Sociology Ph.D. Candidate, has been awarded a SSHRC Postdoctoral fellowship to be held at Lancaster University's Centre For Mobilties Research (CeMoRe), the world's leading mobilities research institute (see:

Ms. Sodero will be working with CeMoRe Director, Professor Monika Bùˆscher, and Distinguished Professor John Urry, Director of the Institute for Social Futures. CeMoRe is home to the journal Mobilities and the Mobilities.Lab, a hub for interdisciplinary social research-based experimentation and innovation.

Sodero's postdoctoral research will focus on the emerging field of 'crisis mobilities.' Crises tend to centre intensely on mobility, including turbulent movements of people, natural forces and disease. Crisis response requires the organized mobilization of people, resources and information, as well as navigation at the personal level (e.g. decisions to remain, move, converge). She will study disaster response to fast and slow onset disasters related to climate change.

Congratulations Stephanie!