SGS is going green!

Recognizing its role in inspiring students, faculty, staff and in creating a better environment, the School of Graduate Studies has undertaken a number of initiatives to create a ‘greener’ workplace.

Some of these initiatives are as follows:

  • Developing a process for graduate students to create and submit electronic theses.
  • Developing electronic reference letters as part of Memorial’s graduate application process.
  • Developing a web-only graduate application process.
  • Engaging in paperless recruitment and events marketing.
  • Eliminating bottled beverages at all SGS events.
  • Replacing bottled water with filtered tap water and glasses at PhD oral defences and for staff and guest consumption.
  • Reducing print for meetings and distributing more notes electronically, and double-siding photocopies wherever possible.
  • Recycling paper and empty ink cartridges.
  • Encouraging staff to take part in the Paperle$$ Pay-Opt out project.

For more information on SGS’s sustainability initiatives, check out the ‘Small but significant’ story in the Spring 2009 edition of The Communicator or contact SGS.

Don't forget to visit the Sustainability Office for more information on a greener Memorial!

Have a suggestion on how SGS can get ‘greener’? Send your feedback to