PHIA Training for Graduate Students

What is PHIA?

The Personal Health Information Act was passed by the Newfoundland and Labrador legislature in June 2008. PHIA recognizes the particular sensitivity of personal health information and addresses the challenges of privacy protection in the complex array of public and private entities involved in health care. PHIA was proclaimed on April 1, 2011.

Who must take PHIA Training?

As the department responsible for all graduate programs, the School of Graduate Studies requires all graduate students who, at any time during their program, are required to take a course/practicum/internship/placement in Newfoundland and Labrador involving the use of personal health information to undertake PHIA training. If such training is a requirement for your program, it will be noted on the Program of Study form sent to graduate students at the time of admission, or added to a program through a Change of Program form upon consultation with a supervisor and/or Department Head.

Memorial University graduate students enrolled in their programs outside of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador are not required to complete PHIA training. PHIA is a provincial legislation and would need to be completed by students who will have access to identifiable personal health information in this province.

How to complete PHIA Training

  1. Check Program of Study form or contact your supervisor to determine if PHIA training is needed.
  2. PHIA training is accessed at (please ensure any pop-up blockers on your browser are disabled prior to clicking this link). Students will need to register by clicking on "Not registered? Click here" on the PHIA training homepage. After logging in, students will click The Personal Health Information Act to activate the training module. The PHIA training module will open as a separate window.
  3. Graduate students should select and complete the module entitled "PHIA training for those in direct contact with personal health information."
  4. Upon completing the PHIA training module, students will be prompted to print a certificate. The certificate will state the following information: name, title of the course, the track taken, and the award date.
  5. Students email a copy of the PHIA completion certificate to the School of Graduate Studies at from their email account.
  6. Completion of PHIA training will be necessary to graduate for graduate students whose programs of study reflects this as a requirement.