Committee on Research

2023-2024 Membership


Mr. Cyr Couturier


Dr. Lindsay Cahill


Mr. David Miller, Director, Research Initiatives & Services
(cc Marie Murphy)

Membership until August 31
Zendel, Benjamin (Medicine) 2024
Shannahan, Kirby (Business) 2024 
Haven, Emmanuel (Business) 2025 (Senator) 
Giwa, Sulaimon (Social Work) 2024 
Couturier, Cyr (Marine Institute) 2024  (Senator)
Hodgkinson, Kathleen (Medicine) 2024  (Senator)
Burke, Anne (Education) 2026
Kendall, Ed (Radiology) 2026 (Senator) 
Chen, Bing (Engineering) 2025 
Cahill, Lindsay (Chemistry) 2025 
Farrell, Allison (Library) 2025 
James, Lesley (Engineering) 2025 
LeBlanc, Pierre (Grenfell Campus) 2025 
Merschrod, Erika (Science) 2026
Farquharson, Colin (Earth Science) 2026
Juhasz-Ormsby, Anges (English) 2026
Therien-Aubin, Heloise (Chemistry) 2026
Murphy, Ryan (Grenfell Campus) 2026 
Côté, Rochelle (Sociology) 2026
Barootes, Benjamin (Science) 2026
John Harris (Undergraduate Student (MUNSU)) 2024 (April 30)
Saanvi Saxena (Undergraduate Student (GCSU)) 2024 (April 30)
Enoma Aruevbose (Graduate Student (GSU)) 2024 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MISU)) 2024 (April 30) 
Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Dean of Graduate Studies
Vice-President (Research)
Director, Research Grant and Contract Services, (Executive Secretary)
Associate Vice-President (Grenfell Campus) Research
One post-doctoral fellow
University Librarian or delegate