Teaching and Learning Committee

2021-22 Membership


Dr. Christina Thorpe


Mr. Shane Regular

Milley, Rebecca (Grenfell Campus) 2024 *
Westcott, Jillian (Marine Institute) 2024 * (Senator)
Boone, Darrell (Medicine) 2024 *
Giwa, Sulaimon (Social Work) 2024 *
Thorpe, Christina (Psychology) 2024
Bungay, Sharene (Computer Science) 2023 
Hennessey, Hilary (Undergraduate Student (MUNSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Walsh, Sarah (Undergraduate Student (MISU)) 2022 (April 30)
Feltham, Mary (Undergraduate Student (GCSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Godbout-Kinney, Keif (Graduate Student (GSU)) 2022 (April 30)
University Librarian, or delegate (Ms. Susan Cleyle)
University Registrar, or delegate (Ms. Jennifer Porter)
Director of the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP), or delegate (Mr. Keith Mattews)
Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning, and Director, CITL, or delegate (Dr. Gavan Watson)
Associate Director, Teaching and Learning, CITL (Dr. Kim Myrick)

* New Member