Academic Unit Planning Committee

Academic Unit Planning (AUP) is carried out by units and programs under the authority of the Academic Unit Planning Committee (AUPC) of Senate. The AUP is a formative process, in that it provides an opportunity for the unit or program to work collegially to sustain successful activities and introduce change where necessary.

2021-22 Membership


Dr. Edward Kendall


Mr. Keith Matthews, Director of CIAP

Membership until August 31
Vacant (Grenfell Campus) 2023
Giwa, Sulaimon (Social Work) 2024 *
Dorward, Ann (Medicine) 2023
Kendall, Ed (Radiology) 2023 (Senator)
Parsons, Karen (Nursing) 2023
Walsh, Charlene (Marine Institute) 2022 (Senator)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MUNSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MISU)) 2022 (April 30)
Feltham, Mary (Undergraduate Student (GCSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Vacant (Graduate Student (GSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Director, Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) or delegate