Committee on Elections, Committees and Bylaws

2021-22 Membership


Ms. Michelle H. Snow, Interim Secretary of Senate

Membership until August 31
Vacant 2023
George, Glyn (Engineering) 2022 (Senator)
Riggs, Bert (English) 2022
Rodgers, Wendy (QEII Library) 2022 
Smith, Frederick (Science) 2022
Unc, Adrian (Grenfell Campus) 2022 
Power, Bert (Undergraduate Student (MUNSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MISU)) 2022 (April 30)
Feltham, Mary (Undergraduate Student (GCSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Vacant (Graduate Student (GSU)) 2022 (April 30)
Secretary of Senate Chair