Digest of Decrees and Resolutions

Senate Digest of Decrees and Resolutions - October 2020

The Senate Digest, which has been prepared as a reference for members of the University community, is a summary of Senate decrees and resolutions since September 1969. These decrees and resolutions are listed in alphabetic sequence and include a heading, a Senate reference and the text of the Senate Minutes. The Senate reference, which shows the page number and date of the Senate Minutes from which the text is taken, is included after each heading. In cases where an earlier Senate decree is rescinded, the earlier decree may simply be listed with a heading, the Senate reference and a note referring the reader to the latest decree.

This document is not intended to replace Senate Minutes or Senate files and should be used with the knowledge that Senate may at any time change or amend the policies contained herein. For further information contact the Secretary of Senate.