Grenfell Campus Committee on Special Admissions



Ms. Carolyn Parsons, Registrar (Grenfell Campus)

1. Membership

(a) Associate Vice-President Grenfell Campus (Academic) or delegate

(b) Registrar (Grenfell Campus) or delegate

(c) Manager, Academic Advising (Grenfell Campus) or delegate

(d) Grenfell Campus Faculty member or alternate as elected by the Grenfell Campus Nominating Committee

(e) An undergraduate student appointed by the Grenfell Campus Student Union (Shireen Merchant)

2. Terms of Reference

(a) To review applications for admission from undergraduate applicants who are new to post-secondary studies, who are seeking admission to the University to study at the Grenfell Campus and who are requesting admission to the University under the regulations governing Applicants Who Are Requesting Special Admissions.

(b) To review applications for admission under, but not limited to, the following situations:

a. Special Circumstances. Current high school students or graduates providing
evidence of special circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, including personal, family or health issues, which have interfered with the applicant’s academic performance in the final year of high school. Decisions will be based on an assessment of the applicant’s academic readiness for post-secondary studies.

b. Flexible Admission. High school students or graduates from outside the province lacking courses in up to two subject areas that are specified in Memorial’s admission requirement but have a slate of courses that adequately prepare them for their declared program.

c. Concurrent Studies. Applicants seeking admission under the concurrent studies category wishing to take more than one course per semester.

d. Mature Applicants. Applicants seeking admission under the mature student category providing evidence of personal growth since high school.

e. English Proficiency. Applicants not meeting the English proficiency requirements.
Decisions of the Committee are final and no further appeal is possible.

(c) To delegate as appropriate, to the Office of the Registrar the authority to waive aspects of the general admission requirements in specific circumstances.

(d) To provide guidance to the Office of the Registrar on the interpretation of how general admission requirements may be met for a category of applicant.

(e) To invite guests to meetings as appropriate to provide insight and expertise.