Committee on Undergraduate Studies

2022-2023 Membership


Dr. Shannon Sullivan


Ms. Jennifer Porter, Deputy Registrar 

Membership until August 31
Marino, Paul (Biology) 2024
Wells, Darrell (School of Ocean Technology - MI) 2024
Kirby, Dale (Education) 2023
Maddigan, Beth (Education/Library) 2023
Brown, Travor (Business) 2023 
Harding, Scott (Biochemistry) 2023 
Walsh, Donna (Retired) 2023
Sullivan, Patrick (Engineering) 2024 (Senator)
Mackenzie Broders (Undergraduate Student, (MUNSU)) 2024 (April 30)
Jawad Chowdhury (Undergraduate Student, (MUNSU)) 2024 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MISU)) 2024 (April 30)
Hadiza Bello (Undergraduate Student (GCSU)) 2024 (April 30)
Registrar or delegate
Registrar, Grenfell Campus or delegate
Registrar, Marine Institute or delegate
Director, Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning or delegate
Dean of Libraries or delegate
One Academic Staff Member in Cooperative or Field Education  (ASM-CFE)
Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Marine Institute or delegate
Chairs of Undergraduate Studies Committees, or their equivalent, of all Schools and Faculities or delegate
Provost and Vice-President (Academic) or delegate

* New Member