Handbook of Bylaws and Procedures

Handbook of Senate Bylaws and Procedures - September 2020

An ad hoc committee was established by the Senate in December of 1992 to compile a handbook of Senate bylaws. The Committee members were Dr. Frank Riggs (Education), Ms. Suzanne Sexty (Library), Dr. Maureen Volk (Music), Mr. Glenn Collins (Secretary of Senate) and Mrs. Marion Gregory (Recording Secretary of Senate).

The ad hoc Committee's Report was approved by Senate on January 10, 1995 and resulted in the production of the Handbook of Bylaws and Procedures which has been prepared as a reference for members of the Senate and other interested members of the University community.

This document is not intended to replace Senate minutes or Senate files and should be used with the knowledge that Senate may at any time change or amend the bylaws and procedures contained herein. For further information contact the Secretary of Senate.