Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Financial Aid

Our office administers entrance and undergraduate scholarships, bursaries and awards; processes loan documents for students from the United States and from other Canadian provinces other than Newfoundland and Labrador, and provides liaison services between those students and their provincial loan offices. Applications are not necessary for most  Memorial scholarships and awards; they are awarded automatically based on academics and recommendations from academic units. You only need to apply for a scholarship/award if the description says so, otherwise you are considered automatically.

Transforming Our Horizons Entrance Scholarship Program

Memorial is offering an updated undergraduate entrance scholarship program for new, incoming undergraduate students starting fall 2022. Read more about the Transforming Our Horizons Entrance Scholarship Program.

Scholarship standing for 2022-23

The criteria for scholarship standing for new and returning undergraduate students has been revised for the 2022-23 scholarship year.

Student Showcase

The Scholarships and Awards office proudly support the accomplishments of its students. Scholarships are regularly awarded to outstanding students who exhibit excellence in both their academic and extra-curricular lives. Some of these students, as well as a description of their endeavours and scholarship history, include:

Anders Cornect

Suhail (Suha) Hassan

Mahba Khan

Liam Kovich

Lauren Winsor

Under the authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 (SNL2015 Chapter A-1.2), the Scholarships Office collects personal information for university scholarships, bursaries and awards programs. This information is used to assess students' eligibility and to administer the programs. Many Memorial University scholarships, bursaries and awards are provided by individuals and organizations who generously donate funds. If a student's university-administered scholarship, bursary or award is funded by a donor(s), the student's contact information is disclosed to the donor(s). In addition, some university departments may use photos and/or recipient lists for promotional and celebratory purposes. Information may also be disclosed to students’ secondary schools for celebratory purposes. The disclosure of personal information is permitted under the authority of the ATIPP Act. If there are questions about the collection, use and disclosure of students' personal information, or you do not wish for your personal information to be disclosed in this manner, please contact the Scholarships and Awards Office.