Ocean Ranger Memorial Award

On February 15, 1982, the Ocean Ranger Exploratory Drilling Platform sank, resulting in the tragic loss of the 84 crew members on board. As a memorial to this loss, an award program was established by the Ocean Ranger Disaster Fund. These awards, valued at $500 per year, are tenable by students who are entering or pursuing a post-secondary programme of studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Fisheries and Marine Institute, and the College of the North Atlantic.

In selecting candidates, preference will be given to widows and lineal descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc.) of victims of the disaster. In the absence of eligible candidates from this group, the award may be given to other fulltime students at the discretion of the Ocean Ranger Award Selection Committee.

The Ocean Ranger Memorial Award application can be printed, completed and submitted along with the other required documentation.

The deadline is Friday, Jan. 19. Email scholarships@mun.ca for an application.