Transforming Our Horizons Entrance Scholarship Program

This scholarship is awarded annually to undergraduate students who qualify for general entrance scholarships based on their early admission average.

For domestic students, fall 2024 intake, the scholarship is awarded for students with averages as follows:

  • 98% and higher will receive $6,000
  • 95% - 97.9% will receive $2,000
  • 93% - 94.9% will receive $1,000
  • 90% - 92.9% will receive $800
  • 85% - 89.9% will receive $500

This scholarship is an early acceptance scholarship, which means that scholarships are awarded based on students’ early admission average and guaranteed at the time students receive early acceptance into Memorial. The amount of the award is guaranteed; it will remain the same regardless of whether a student’s final admission average is lower or higher than their early admission average. Early admission average is calculated using the average of the best grades earned in a mathematics course, a science course, and an English course at the Level 2 (Grade 11) or Level 3 (Grade 12) level and is completed by the end of Level 2 (Grade 11). If a student completes both a Level 2 and a Level 3 course in the same area, the higher of the two grades is used to calculate the average. If a student completes more than one science course, the highest grade is used to calculate the average. Science 1206 is treated as a Level two course for the purpose of computing the average. For domestic students, the Transforming Our Horizons Entrance Scholarship will be offered until Friday, March 1, 2024.

Memorial also offers a number of named entrance scholarships that are based on final admission average. Students who qualify for a named entrance scholarship may have their Transforming Our Horizons Entrance Scholarship replaced by that named scholarship.

International students

International students will be considered for entrance scholarships based on academic merit. Student eligibility for these scholarships is reviewed automatically upon application until the allocated funds are exhausted. The end date for the review process is reassessed regularly. 

If you are a recipient of this scholarship
  • You will have priority to register at the beginning of the registration period for new students in the fall 2024 and winter 2025 semesters.
  • If you are offered on-campus accommodations for the St. John’s Campus for fall 2024, you may be given an opportunity for early room selection.
  • Your scholarship will be applied to your university student account after your graduation from high school and your full time registration as an undergraduate student at Memorial in 2024-25 have been confirmed.
  • The Transforming Our Horizons Entrance Scholarship Program is not renewable. In order to be considered eligible for scholarships in your second year at Memorial you must achieve scholarship standing in your first year.
  • While this scholarship may be held in conjunction with scholarships from other outside agencies, it may be replaced by a higher-value general entrance scholarship if you are eligible for the larger scholarship by Memorial University.
  • If you plan to attend the Marine Institute in fall 2024 and will be enrolling in one of their programs leading to a degree, you may also hold the scholarship while attending there.
  • The scholarship may be deferred to fall 2025 for Newfoundland and Labrador students who attend the College Transfer Program at the College of the North Atlantic and who continue on to Memorial in fall 2025. Such students must request a deferral in writing to the Scholarships and Awards Office.