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Procedure for Use of University Visual Identity Marks

Approval Date: 2021-12-02

Effective Date: 1996-01-01

Responsible Unit: Division of Marketing and Communications


Registered Official University Marks – The University has registered its Marks with Canadian Intellectual Property Office. See appendix for a list.

Approved Marks -- Uses and Considerations

Requests for Use -- University units, students or employees who have questions about the use of the university’s Marks may submit a Marketing/Web Services Request form. Requests from external organizations or external individuals for non-commercial use of Memorial University’s name and/or Marks for any purpose should be directed to the Executive Director of the Division of Marketing & Communications (MarComm), who shall maintain a record of all approved uses.

Commercial Use: Requests from individuals, groups or commercial enterprises to use Memorial University's name and/or Marks for commercial purposes should contact the University Bookstore for further information and approval. MarComm has delegated its authority for commercial use applications to the University Bookstore. All commercial uses must follow Brand Standards.

Use: All uses of the University’s official Marks shall be based on adherence to the Brand Standards, which is maintained by MarComm, in accordance with the Visual Identity Policy. Materials produced by University units using the University’s name, logo and/or related Marks shall follow the guidelines as set out in the Brand Standards. In order to avoid costly revisions, units should consult with MarComm early in the development process if there are questions or if clarification is required.

Brand resources: MarComm has developed a range of Brand resources, including easy-to-use templates that follow the Brand Standards including brochures, email signatures, certificates, letterhead, programs, reports, newsletters, posters, screen displays and presentations. University units are encouraged to use Brand Standards templates freely. Requests for additional templates should be directed to MarComm’s Marketing section using the Marketing/Web Services Request form.

Production: University units requiring and/or producing Marketing Communications Materials, including but not limited to websites, pamphlets, fact sheets, brochures, posters, infographics, email newsletters, e-vites, signage, exhibits, advertisements, videos, clothing and other promotional products, shall follow one of the options below:

  • Units may create their own Marketing Communications Materials in alignment with the University’s Brand Standards templates and branding initiatives; or
  • Units may submit their request to MarComm to develop Marketing Communications Materials; please use the Marketing/Web Services Request form; or
  • Units may arrange for the development of Marketing Communications Materials by an external service provider recommended by MarComm. The service provider must be selected from a list of approved vendors who have been briefed on the university’s Brand Standards; this vendor list is maintained by MarComm and is available upon request. Periodically, such work may be reviewed by MarComm to ensure alignment with brand standards requirements and branding initiatives.
  • University units wishing to develop or purchase Memorial University branded clothing (except employee uniforms) and/or promotional products should contact the University Bookstore.

Stationery: All University stationery products, including letterhead, business cards and envelopes, shall be selected from one of the many formats available through the University’s Print and Mail Services. These formats have been designed to support diverse operational needs while adhering to the university’s Brand Standards.

Digital: In an effort to achieve a cohesive and easy-to-navigate online presence, MarComm is responsible for establishing Brand consistency and ensuring accurate representation of the Brand across the University’s websites and social media platforms; specifically, all websites within the domain www.mun.caand all official Memorial University social media channels. For more information, contact Web Content Services.

Other Marks

Requests: Requests to develop or use other Marks to represent university units, programs or activities should be directed to MarComm via the Marketing Services Request Form. The rationale for the request should be clearly outlined, including explanation of the grounds for creation/use of a new Mark, explanation of why the University’s approved Official Marks are not appropriate, and the benefits to the unit and the University of adopting the proposed Mark. Once approved, a Mark becomes Official and is subject to the university’s Visual Identity policy and procedures.

Conformance: MarComm may conduct communications audits of marketing communications materials produced for University units to ensure alignment with Brand Standards. Examples include but are not limited to marketing campaigns, advertising, posters, clothing, videos, billboards, merchandise, brochures, displays, magazines, websites, social media and e-newsletters.

Deviations: Where the Brand Standardsdo not address the reasonable requirements of a University unit for strategic, creative, marketing or other reasons, MarComm may allow a deviation or make unique provisions. Requests to deviate from theBrand Standards should be directed to the Executive Director, MarComm. Units that wish to deviate from the Brand Standards must contact MarComm as early in their project as possible to ensure timelines are met and that the integrity of the University’s Visual Identity is maintained. If there is a disagreement on approach between MarComm and the unit, the matter will be referred to the Vice-President (Advancement and External Relations) for resolution.

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