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Visual Identity

Approval Date: 0000-00-00

Effective Date: 1996-01-01

Review Date: 2021-05-01


The President through the Executive Director of the Division of Marketing and Communications.


To identify and unify the university's visual identity through the regulated use of the university's indicia (trademarks and approved visual identity marks); to outline the conditions and procedures for the use of these marks; and to guide individuals and groups seeking to use the university's name or marks on any materials or products.


Applicable to anyone who wishes to use the university's mark(s).



  1. Commercial - In the case of commercial applications for the licensed use of the university's name and/or mark(s), the Manager of the university Bookstore is responsible for administering the relevant procedures, in consultation with the university Licensing Committee. The university Licensing Committee is comprised of: Executive Director, Division of Marketing and Communications, and chair of the committee; Manager of the university Bookstore; General Manager of the Memorial university of Newfoundland Students' Union; Dean, Office of Student Affairs and Services; Executive Director, Office of Development; and Vice-President (Administration and Finance); or their delegates.
  2. Students - In the case of students' use of the university's name and/or mark(s) (commercial or non-commercial), the Dean of the Office of Student Affairs and Services is responsible for ensuring that procedures are followed.
  3. University Units - It is the responsibility of the each dean, director and principal to ensure that correct procedures are observed within his/her unit. This responsibility may be delegated to department heads.


Use of the university's name, trademarks and approved visual identity marks is regulated to ensure:

  1. That the university is consistent in the use of its marks, creating a unified visual identity, easily recognizable by the university's public; and,
  2. That the university receives remuneration from the sale of products bearing its name, trademark(s) or visual identity mark(s).


  1. University Marketing Logo - The Board of Regents has approved the use of the university's name in association with a marketing graphic.
  2. Ceremonial Logo and Seal - The use of the university coat of arms (with or without the textual element in the logotype) or the official seal is reserved for ceremonial purposes and other applications that may be approved by the President. Where authority to use the coat of arms or the official seal has been granted, administrative responsibility is delegated to the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications.
  3. Previous Marks - Any other indicia or marks used previously to represent the university are to be discontinued and replaced by the university marketing logo, or where appropriate by the university ceremonial logo.
  4. Registered Trademarks - The university logos and official seal (and certain other university names, acronyms and marks) are registered trademarks under the federal Trademarks Act.
  5. Other Marks - Marks created for units within the university must be approved by the university's Senior Executive Committee. A design consulting service is available within the Division of Marketing and Communications.


  1. Graphic Standards Guidelines - Users must follow the guidelines for use and graphic presentation of university marks as set out in the university's Graphic Standards Manual. These guidelines indicate that the university's logo must appear on all materials produced or purchased with university-administered funds. The Graphic Standards Manual and electronic copies of the university logotype are available through Image Services, Division of Marketing and Communications.
  2. Licensing Considerations - The university's Licensing Committee  may permit other graphic renditions of the university's name on commercial products where such an image is integral to the design of the product.


  1. University's Agent - The manager of the university Bookstore will act for the university in all commercial licensing matters.
  2. Role of Licensing Committee - All licensing requests shall be reviewed by the university's Licensing Committee to enter into agreements for the commercial use of the university's name and/or mark(s), and to revoke or terminate such agreements. In considering a licensing request, the committee shall consider the type, quality and appearance of the proposed product(s) and the impact on the image of the university.
  3. Records - The Manager of the university Bookstore shall maintain the university's register of licensing agreements and present annually to the Licensing Committee an accounting of all products sold bearing the university's marks.


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