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Visual Identity

Approval Date: 2021-12-02

Effective Date: 1996-01-01

Review Date: 2025-12-02


The Vice-President (Advancement & External Relations) through the Executive Director of the Division of Marketing and Communications


To identify and unify the University's Visual Identity through the regulated use of the University's Official and other approved Marks; to mandate the University’s Brand Architecture and Brand Standards; and to guide the use of the University’s name or Marks on any materials, products, marketing and communications.


Applicable to anyone who wishes to use the university's mark(s).


Brand: The sum of ideas, associations, meanings, visual cues, concepts and messages that represent and differentiate a particular product, service, person or organization. The Brand is the set of values that represent a promise to a consumer. The Brand goes beyond the product or service’s identity and image; it includes its tone and positioning relative to other similar Brands.

Brand Architecture:
Brand Architecture defines how the various elements of an organization’s Visual Identity are to be used together or on their own for various purposes and by various units of the organization. The Memorial University logo is chief symbol of the University’s Brand and the approved unit extensions (i.e. the logo configured with a unit’s name) are the primary identifiers for all University units. They must be used prominently in all Marketing Communications Materials as outlined in the University’s Brand Standards.

Brand Standards: The set of regulations that governs the manner in which the Brand must be presented. The Standards include the rules for usage and placement of the Brand’s Visual Identity (logo and related elements), font and colour choices, and acceptable means and manners of developing and executing Marketing Communications Materials that are representing the Brand. The Standards also outline Brand Architecture — how the various elements of the Visual Identity are to be used together or on their own — by various units of the institution.

Mark/Official Mark: Any badge, crest, emblem or Mark of the University that is protected in the Trade-marks Act, section 9(1) (n) (ii), is an Official Mark of the institution. Additional Marks have been approved for use as part of the University’s Visual Identity as specified in the University’s Brand Standards.

Marketing Communications Materials: Include informational, marketing and promotional collateral in any format: electronic, display, web, advertising, point of sale, presentation, print document, stationery, etc., with a University-wide or faculty-wide representation, or that is intended for any external audience, or is intended for a University-wide internal audience. Promotional items (e.g. clothing, jewelry and other items) intended for sale or distribution are also included, whether created within the University or by an outside vendor.

University: Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Unit: Academic or administrative unit as defined in the University Calendar.

Visual Identity:
The names, terms, designs and/or symbols that differentiate one particular Brand from another Brand. A Visual Identity system includes trademark/logo/wordmarks, colours, fonts, graphics, signage, interior design and other visual cues intended to differentiate


Use of the University's name, Official Marks and other approved Marks is regulated to ensure that the University is consistent in the use of its Marks, creating a unified Visual Identity as part of its Brand, to be easily recognizable and trusted by the University’s diverse stakeholders.

1. Approval of Marks
The President has been authorized by the Board of Regents to grant approvals for the University’s Official Marks and related matters. The President has delegated authority in this area to the Vice- President (Advancement & External Relations) via the Executive Director of the Division of Marketing and Communications (MarComm).

2. Approved Marks and Brand Standards
The University has approved a number of Official Marks and other Marks (including logos for some of its subsidiary and affiliated units) and developed regulations to guide their authorized and appropriate use (Brand Standards).

a. Official Marks: The University logo, the ceremonial logo (coat of arms and name), the official seal and certain other University names, acronyms and Marks are registered as Official Marks under section 9 (1) (n) (ii) of the federal Trade-marks Act – for a list, see Procedure for Use of University Visual Identity Marks.

b. Other Marks: Any other Marks to be used to represent the University or any unit, project or activity of the University must be approved for use by the Executive Director, Marketing & Communications or delegate.

c. Standards: In order to ensure the effective representation of the University Brand to its diverse stakeholder groups, Marketing & Communications is responsible for developing, updating, implementing and communicating the Brand Standards for Memorial University.

3. Use of Marks
The University’s Brand Standards outline the authorized and appropriate use of its name and Marks.

a. The University logo, with contact information appropriate to the medium, must appear prominently on all marketing communications materials produced or purchased with University - administered funds and in accordance with guidelines in the Brand Standards.

b. The ceremonial logo (coat of arms and name) is reserved for approved ceremonial purposes. It may also be used on branded merchandise approved by the University Bookstore only.

cThe University may permit use of its name and Marks by individuals and other organizations for various purposes, including on promotional items intended to generate public profile for the institution. See Procedure for Use of University Visual Identity Marks.

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