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Memorial's brand

See Memorial in a whole new way!

With more than 80,000 alumni in virtually all fields of endeavour, Memorial University is a place where people and ideas become — where ingenuity and creativity are uniquely fostered.

Over the past several years, we've worked to capture and express this message in words and pictures.

Find out how we will tell our story to people throughout the province and around the world by exploring this web page.

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Memorial University's brand was presented to faculty, staff, regents, students and alumni leaders as the first step in a new institutional marketing program in 2007. The brand concept focuses on the idea of transformation — that Memorial is the place that people and ideas become. The word/concept Become is shorthand for these characteristics. Over time the word has been imbued with more and deeper meanings that reflect our university.

The brand identity includes a modern institutional logo and a design concept that uses selected fonts and colours to illustrate the meaning of the brand and unify university promotional publications and activities.

That said, the legal name of the university has not changed and remains Memorial University of Newfoundland. The university's coat of arms also has not changed. However, like many other organizations (including universities), we have created a simplified logo to facilitate communications. This shortened form of our name reflects our origins as a living war memorial and avoids the difference between the official name of the university and the official name of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Further, our research shows there is no other Memorial University.

Many organizations shorten their official name for ease of communications. Similar cases are the University of New Brunswick, which has developed a new logo around its acronym UNB; Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, which uses the wordmark Laurier as its logo; and McGill University, which calls itself McGill.

The traditional logo adopted in 1994 (comprising the university's coat of arms and full name) will continue to be used for official, ceremonial purposes (such as on degree parchments and convocation programs) where its intricate elements can be reproduced accurately.