Online Learning Strategies

You're about to begin an online course at Memorial? That's great! Learning online means you are more in charge of where and how you'll engage in your learning. Let's look at some strategies to help you set yourself up for success in your online course. 

Has your course gone online unexpectedly? check out the ASC's page on Adjusting to Unexpected Remote Learning and have you set up for a successful transition.

Get everything organized

Learning online means creating a new schedule for yourself to balance your classes, coursework, and personal activities. Luckily, at the Academic Success Centre (ASC) we have semester and weekly planners ready for you to download or print. Use your syllabus or your course’s Brightspace calendar to begin planning your time.

Get your study space

Now that you know when you’ll be attending class and completing your coursework, let's talk about setting up a proper study space at home. If you are trying to decide between a few potential study spaces, use Oregon State University’s study space comparison tool to figure out which one is best for you. Avoid screen fatigue and study slouching by checking out Oregon State University’s tips for a healthy learning space.

Get an online study group

As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Joining a study group helps to meet & collaborate with classmates, keep you on track, and stay connected to campus. Use Navigate app’s Study Buddies feature to link to classmates and schedule a Google Meet session using your MUN email. For more info on how to start and function as a study group check out the ASC’s group work resource.

Get ready for online learning

Online courses can be found on Brightspace, Memorial's Learning Management System.  You will be able to access a course site for each of your online courses on Brightspace on the first day of class for the semester.  Your Brightspace course site is where you will find the course content (including your syllabus - look for this first!), information from your instructor on how the course will be delivered, and any online activities and assessments. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Brightspace, the CITL has lots of helpful guides, such as:

If your instructor will be using Brightspace’s Online Rooms feature, the CITL has these helpful guides:

If your instructor is posting recorded lectures for you to review, make the most of these sessions by using the ASC's strategies for learning from videos and recorded lectures.

If your instructor will be using discussion board forums, the CITL has tips on how to access and use Brightspace's discussion tool:

Get Help Early & Often

As you complete online courses, be sure to set yourself up for success by knowing how and where to get help. Your peers, your instructor, and your help networks are invaluable sources of support. Access them early and frequently as you master the world of online learning.

Your Peers
If you’re feeling stuck, lost, confused, or simply wanting some extra discussion time, reach out to your peers through any of the following:

Your Instructor
Reach out early and clearly. It can feel intimidating to contact your instructor, but we have tips on how to communicate effectively with your professor through either email or Brightspace messaging:

Your Help Networks
Looking for some additional support or help sessions? Find the center or network that fits your needs:

Don’t see your course in the list above?
Try reaching out to a club or society listed on Memorial’s directory that meets your program or specialty needs!


Looking for more strategies and tips?
Check out Memorial's Academic Success Centre online!