Academic Support and Advice

Academic Advising Centre

The Academic Advising Centre (AAC) serves prospective, first-year, undeclared and students transitioning between programs at the undergraduate level. The AAC promotes and supports success by helping you navigate your university journey.

Advisors can help you explore or clarify academic interests, make educational plans, address academic concerns or questions, and use information and campus resources to help achieve academic goals.  

Connect with an academic advisor by scheduling an appointment with the Navigate app or emailing

Navigate for Students

Navigate for Students is a free mobile app that can help you interact with student supports and schedule appointments, receive reminders for important dates and deadlines, and even connect with classmates.

Use Navigate to:

  • Schedule appointments: Get the help you need by scheduling appointments with an academic advisor, career advisor, tutors at the Writing Centre, or your course instructor (check your course syllabus or with your instructor for their office hour details).
  • Connect with classmates: Use the Study Buddies feature to connect with other students in your courses for study group opportunities.
  • Know when important things are coming up: and what to do about them. From attending orientation to preparing for finals, Navigate connects you to the links and resources you need to get things done.
  • Learn how to get the most out of university:  Get handy tips and tutorials on everything from getting involved in student organizations to connecting with course support.

Still Exploring?

If you have not yet joined a faculty or declared your program, or are transitioning between programs, explore your academic program options to find one that best suits your interests, strengths and goals.