Study spaces on campus

A good study spot can give you an edge in your study routine.  Whether you’re a solo studier looking for an individual study room for ultimate focus, a group looking for collaborative space, or just looking for a spot nearby to fit in some quick review between classes, we’ve got you covered -  check the on-campus study space listings below for details.

Looking for access to a computer? Find out what's available in our computer lab listings.

Memorial University Libraries Study Spaces

Individual, group and quiet study spaces are available from all Memorial University Libraries.

Walk-in study spaces are available on floors 2-5, including the large study hall located on the north end of the building with tables and individual study carrels. 

The 3rd floor offers the Fiesta Desk with comfortable seating and group study tables.

Individual and group study room booking is available. 
Group study rooms can accommodate between 2 and 12 students; capacity per room is listed on the booking site, and a minimum of two students is required for group study room use.

Visit during opening hours.

G. A. Hickman Building
Education Library, ED2030
Teaching & Learning Commons, ED5006

These study spaces in the Education building offer individual study carrels (ED 2030), group study tables and a presentation practice area available for students. Both include Labnet computers; find out more about available technology here. All are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As these spaces are collaborative, a moderate amount of noise can be expected.  

Visit during opening hours.

1st Floor, Health Sciences Centre

Drop into this quiet library's study spaces to work at a table or in a study carrel, or visit the Health Science Library Commons for computer and printing access.

Health Sciences students are invited to book a single or group study room

Visit during opening hours.

School of Music, MU 2026

The Music Resource Centre offers tables and individual carrels available for study, as well as one group study table for collaborative work. All are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit during opening hours.

155 Ridge Road, RM C2202

The Marine Institute Library offers quiet, individual study spaces and a group study area. One group study room is available that can be booked at the library’s circulation desk. All are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit during opening hours.

Other Study Spaces

G. A. Hickman Building, ED 1008

Located on the first floor of the Education building, the Education Commons includes ample solo and group study spaces, with study carrels, comfortable booth seating and lots of access to power.  A private group collaboration space is available on a first-come, first-served basis (no booking required).  This space includes access to 8 LabNet computers and printing services.

Open during Education building hours.

1st floor, Hatcher House

Hatcher Commons offers study space with collaborative seating and easy access to power.  It also includes LabNet computers and printing services.

Visit during opening hours.

Under the clock tower, between the QEII Library and the University Centre

The Rotunda offers a collaborative workspace with comfortable seating that includes LabNet computers and 4 group workstations.  This space has ample access to power outlets and “charging lockers” to store your devices while charging.

Visit during opening hours.

Study space is available throughout the Core Science Facility, including comfortable booths and group study areas with tables and chairs located on mezzanine levels in the first atrium.  Individual and smaller group seating is also available along the first floor.

Open during building hours.

The food court area on the third floor of the University Centre offers cafeteria-style seating with tables and chairs as well as counter seating. 

This area is available during University Centre building hours:
Monday to Friday: 6:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Food court location hours of operation.

1st floor Science Building, SN 1107

This space for Humanities and Social Sciences students includes comfortable individual and group seating for studying or meetings.

Open during building hours.

The Indigenous Student Resource Centre (ISRC) is now offering on-campus study spaces in the Indigenous Student space at 208 Elizabeth Avenue on the St. John’s campus. To book a study space, email