Peer-Assisted Learning

Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) is a peer-led academic support program that consists of regularly-scheduled group study sessions in challenging courses. PAL is available to everyone in participating courses - regardless of grades or comfort with materials - and students are welcome to join PAL sessions as often as they would like.

PAL sessions are facilitated by trained peer leaders who have previously taken and succeeded in the course they lead. PAL provides the opportunity to study course-related material in an organized, collaborative peer-learning environment.

 Students attending PAL can expect:

  • A welcoming and inclusive environment. PAL provides an opportunity to meet your classmates and work together in a low-stakes, judgement-free environment where you don’t need to worry about making a mistake.
  • To actively participate. PAL sessions will include small group discussions and engaging activities to make content practice more fun.
  • To work through problems and questions. PAL Leaders will not do problems for you but will help you to find the answer with your peers.
  • To use course materials. PAL Leaders may make specific references to lecture notes, textbooks and other course materials during sessions, and they may help you work effectively with your classmates.

The following course sections will be offering PAL sessions in the Fall 2022 semester:

Course sections
MATH 1000 004
MATH 1090 081 & 082
MUS 240 A/B 001
PSYC 1000 003
CHEM 1010 001

PAL sessions will be held in accordance with Memorial's Fall 2022 COVID-19 guidelines. As of September 1, masks will be required in classrooms and recommended in all public spaces.


Instructors interested in PAL for their course can contact us for more information. More details can also be found in the PAL Instructor FAQs.