Gender Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Despite the fact that over half of all young (under 40) doctors working in Canada are women, issues of harassment, discrimination and pay inequity still exist. MUN faculty, in conjunction with CAEP, strive to provide representation, mentorship, education and advocacy. Members of MUN Emergency Medicine also collaborate with Dr. Alyson Byrne from the Faculty of Business Administration on gender equity research.

Full-Time Faculty Researcher

Dr. Gillian Sheppard
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Part-Time Faculty Researcher

Dr. Emma McIlveen-Brown
Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Recent Publications

Sheppard G, Pham C, Nowacki A, Bischoff T, Snider C. Towards gender equity in emergency medicine: a position statement from the CAEP Women in Emergency Medicine committee. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2021 Mar 11:1-5.

Research Mentorship

Full-time (and some of the part-time) faculty in Emergency Medicine provide mentorship in research at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Mentorship is available to undergraduate medical students, starting in first year, throughout the course of their medical degree; to trainees/residents in a variety of disciplines, including internal and family medicine; and to graduate students and post-docs.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Dalhousie University

Memorial and Dalhousie work together on several joint medical research and teaching ventures.

Community Partners

Memorial works with several community partners in a project to improve equity, diversity and inclusivity in emergency departments.

These partners include: 

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

Memorial works with the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP), the country's national voice of emergency medicine.

Dr. Adam Dubrowski

Memorial works with Dr. Adam Dubrowski of Ontario Tech and the institution's maxSIMhealth lab. 

Dr. Bruno Gino

Memorial works with Dr. Bruno Gino, an emergency medicine physician with Madrecor Hospital in Brazil.

Interdepartmental Collaborations

The Discipline of Emergency Medicine, and its faculty, staff and learners, also work with other disciplines in the Faculty of Medicine and several other faculties and departments at Memorial University.

Our parternships at Memorial include: