Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) – the use of ultrasound at a patient’s bedside – has become both an adjunct to the physical exam as well as an important tool used in many procedures. It is now part of the daily practice of many physicians in various specialties, as it is cost-effective, non-invasive, accessible, requires no special patient preparation, decreases time to diagnosis, and improves acute care outcomes.

Memorial University is developing and continually improving its existing PoCUS training program, as well as re-creating learning environments to teach PoCUS-related skills for professions that have not had the opportunity to use ultrasound as a diagnostic modality to date.

Full-Time Faculty Researchers

Dr. Brian Metcalfe
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Michael Parsons
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Chair, Assistant Program Director
Dr. Tia Renouf
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Peter Rogers
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Gillian Sheppard
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Recent Publications

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