Division of Population Health and Applied Health Sciences

Welcome to the Division of Population Health and Applied Health Sciences at Memorial University.

Our academic community spans diverse disciplines but is united in a common purpose, to improve the health and well-being of all people. We understand that creating local knowledge can also have a global reach.

Our faculty and learners engage in research that seeks solutions for critical problems, spanning areas such as planetary health, social justice, effective stewardship of scarce health care resources, patient- and person-centredness in health care, and ensuring rigorous ethical analysis of policies and practices.

Action to improve health requires an understanding of people, of groups, of systems, and of environments as well as of health and disease.

We look upstream to the social, political, and environmental determinants of health.

We look at the here and now, at groups and communities, to understand the impacts of disease and the possibilities for improving well-being.

And we look downstream to those in need of healing and support to help ensure they benefit from worthwhile interventions, and that we use our societal resources to best effect.

Through all of these perspectives run the threads of equity and fairness.

Our learners come from here, and come from away. They inspire their teachers with their creativity and commitment to making a difference as developing scholars and professionals. And they show us all how to be good citizens with their service within Memorial and the things they do in the wider community.

Crucial to all of this is our approachable and efficient group of administrative staff members. They support our intertwined education, research, and academic service missions; sometimes invisible, but always indispensable.

I invite you to explore the Division’s research and social accountability activities, and its graduate programs which offer a range of possibilities that support academic and professional careers. Our graduating students are prepared for the complex societal challenges presented by the world today, and the skills required for effective professional practice.

Reach out and get to know us better.

Dr. Brenda Wilson
Associate Dean