Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Ground)

Who Should Attend?

All Memorial University employees or students involved in shipping, handling and/or receiving dangerous goods by air, boat, rail or ground for work or study must have up to date TDG certification. TDG - ground training is offered through Memorial's Environmental Health and Safety and can be registered for by clicking HERE.

TDG Ground Description

The objective of this training program is to create a greater awareness of the potential dangers associated with the transport, shipping and receiving of dangerous goods. It also provides an understanding of the TDG regulations and the needs for their application in the workplace.

Each department that receives ships or transports dangerous goods (including hazardous waste) must identify person(s) for handling these goods and ensure that they are properly trained.

Please Note: Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations do not apply where only limited quantities of dangerous goods are transported, although safety marks on containers must be visible, training is not required. Please see TDG regulations for exempt quantities.

For more details please review TDG Regulations 

For individuals/departments who require shipment of dangerous goods via air, or shipment of class 7 (radioactive) dangerous goods, please view the list of training providers by clicking the link below.

TDG Training Providers (Transport Canada)


Note: if you hold a Radioisotope User Permit you may be required to hold a certification in TDG Class 7.  For registration information please click here.