Frequently Asked Questions


What major categories of services are available?

  • Emergency Repairs: Any unusual occurrence, utility malfunction, or equipment failure which presents an imminent danger to life or health or has the potential for major damage to property is an emergency and should be reported immediately to the Work Control Centre at 709-864-7600. Dispatch services are available on a 24-hour basis.
  • Routine Maintenance: Basic maintenance needs such as plumbing issues, heating or air-conditioning needs, routine cleaning needs, snow and ice removal, or repairs to classroom furniture or fixtures. These services are provided free of charge and scheduled by contacting the Work Control Centre at 709-864-7600 or
  • Service/Material Requests: Requests for materials from our Central Stores or services that are not related to the routine maintenance of building functions and occupant services.  Services are typically charged to the requesting department and should be requested on Stores Inventory Request Form.

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What priority is assigned to the various work categories?

Work will normally be carried out within the following parameters:

  1. Emergency/Safety: Includes the protection of health and safety, repair of equipment essential to building operation, prevention or restoration of loss of function. 
  2. High/Rush: Includes problems which can cause escalating damage to facilities and property or which detrimentally affect departmental functioning.
  3. Deadline: Includes problems which must be handled within specified time frames.
  4. Routine: Regularly scheduled and routine demand maintenance services. 

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How do you determine who pays?
For most university departments there is a landlord/tenant relationship between Facilities Management and departments. As a landlord, Facilities Management is responsible for the cost of the provision and maintenance of an appropriate environment and basic building services. As tenants, departments are responsible for funding discretionary work such as modifications and aesthetic upgrades. Open areas such as lobbies, corridors, and general classroom space are maintained at the expense of Facilities Management.

Special cost-sharing arrangements are in effect with some university departments. If you have any questions regarding the status of your department with regard to cost-sharing, please contact the Work Control Centre at 709-864-7600 or by email at

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What services can I expect to be provided at no charge?

The majority of Facilities Management services are provided at no charge. The following are typical services that fall within this category:

  • Building door, lock, and window repair
  • Classroom and office lighting
  • Drapery and carpet cleaning
  • Emergency and outdoor lighting repair
  • Fire extinguisher and alarm maintenance
  • Grounds and landscape maintenance
  • New keys
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Repair/replace receptacles, thermostats, and heaters
  • Routine cleaning services
  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Trash removal

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What are some of the typical chargeable services?

  • Materials: A variety of materials are available for purchase through Facilities Management, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Maintenance and cleaning supplies
    • Manufactured items such as shelves, cabinets, office bulletin boards, etc.
    • Electrical power bars
    • Signs for conferences and other functions, directory boards, etc.
    • Wall mounts for telecommunications equipment
    • Discretionary replacement of draperies and blinds
    • Office systems and furniture
  • Capital Upgrades:
    • All operating services and materials provided in support of renovations
    • Changes to electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems
    • Minor renovations to accommodate equipment installations, changes in room function, or convenience
    • Discretionary flooring upgrades or room finishes
    • Stand-alone air-conditioning systems
  • Services:
    • Changing locks, which are not required for maintenance reasons
    • Cleaning for conferences and functions and after-hours floor stripping/waxing
    • Moves for surplus assets, or after-hours
  • Negligence:
    • If work, either maintenance or modifications, is found to be the result of negligence, the responsible department will be charged

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How do I request chargeable services?

Chargeable services must be requested through the completion of the Facilities Management Non-Maintenace Work Request. This form provides the user with the opportunity to request the provision of a cost estimate. In this case, work will not proceed until approval is confirmed by the user. Where estimates are not required, users may approve for immediate action.

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 What if work provided by a contractor is deficient or incomplete?

The university endeavors to ensure that all work is undertaken with the utmost quality and value in mind. Contractors are expected to deliver products and services that meet the standards of acceptance for professional trades and the specifications of the contract.

Items or workmanship that are found to be damaged or deficient under the contract are identified as deficiencies and opportunities are provided to the contractor to correct the work. Where circumstances dictate, the university may undertake to complete deficient work with its own forces or other, externally contracted services.

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