Snow and Ice Removal

Building Services and Grounds is responsible for snowclearing and ice control activities on campus walkways, roadways, and parking lots. The clearing of snow and ice is a priority, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Snow and ice are cleared from the campuses as quickly and as safely as possible, with the resources available. Learn more here.

Although all reasonable efforts will be made to keep parking lots in acceptable condition for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the university reserves the right to close any campus parking lot at any time it is deemed necessary for special requirements, including snowclearing. In the event of parking lot closures, permit holders are requested to proceed to their assigned alternate lot. Refer to section 32 of the Traffic and Parking Regulations to determine your alternate lot.

Members of the university community and visitors are encouraged to exercise extra caution while moving about campus in winter conditions, by vehicle or on foot. Footwear that suits the conditions is encouraged in an effort to reduce slip and fall incidents.

To report hazardous conditions, contact Work Control at 864-7600.