Keys and Locks

Routine maintenance of locks and lock cores is the responsibility of Facilities Management. These services are provided without charge.

Specific or specialized security needs are met by providing alarm devices, card access locks, and other advanced locking devices. These categories of service will be charged to the user department.

In special cases such as space relocation, renovation or construction, capital/project accounts will be charged for locks installed, removed or rekeyed as part of capital or departmentally- funded alterations projects.

Upgrades required as a result of lost or stolen keys or a department’s failure to maintain adequate key control will be charged to the department.

Key problems should be directed to Work Control by calling 709-864-7600 or emailing

Departments needing keys are required to use the on-line I-Service Desk for each request. To access the I-Service Desk, departments need to identify a departmental contact as their Key Requester. A Delegation of Authority Form must be completed, signed off by the Department Head/Dean/Director and returned to Facilities Management. When a form is received, instructions will be sent to the Key Requester.

Please note that all Keyholders are required to pick up and sign for keys at Work Control, FM1005; for HSC occupants, keys can be picked up at H2816. A MUN ID card (or some other form of Government-issued photo ID) will be required when collecting keys.