Heating and Ventilation

Facilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and administration of external contracts associated with building heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Routine maintenance includes the regular changing of air filters and the routine inspection, servicing and repair of built-in space conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

In the event of equipment failure, individuals are encouraged to request services rather than wait for routine maintenance visits.

Portable or stand-alone space conditioning and refrigeration systems are only to be installed by Facilities Management and are serviced by the department upon request. This is generally performed on a cost recovery basis.

Also, personal humidifiers and fans are available for purchase from Facilities Management's Central Stores. It is expected that equipment such as personal humidifiers will be maintained and filled by the user.

Basic air quality checks can be requested through Environmental Health and Safety.

Requests concerning HVAC and refrigeration systems can be made to Work Control by phoning 864-7600 or by e-mail facman@mun.ca.