Custodial Services provides basic care for all university offices, hallways and classrooms. Basic care includes routine weekly vacuuming and scheduled carpet cleaning and stripping/waxing (annually). To request additional cleaning outside normal service levels, please contact Work Control. Do not attempt to clean up any spills (e.g., coffee, colored carbonated drinks, milk etc.) that could cause potential damage to flooring. Spills should be reported to Work Control by calling 864-7600 or through campus e-mail facman@mun.ca.

Facilities Management also administers standing offer agreements for carpet, floor tiles, linoleum, and rolled carpet. Floor coverings and floor maintenance will be provided by the Department of Facilities Management. If floor coverings pose a safety hazard, they will be replaced at Facilities Management’s expense. Where upgrading is for aesthetic purposes, the requesting department will be required to fill out a Service/Material Authorization Form, and the work will be charged to their account. Repair requests should be reported to Work Control by calling 864-7600 or through campus e-mail facman@mun.ca