Upgrades coming for the Aquarena

Jul 18th, 2023

Memorial University

Memorial University has awarded the contract for upgrades to the Aquarena sport facility to CAN-AM Platform & Construction Ltd.

Memorial University is proud to be a key partner in delivering a successful Canada Games to the province in 2025. In addition to hosting the athletes’ village, the St. John’s campus will host a number of sports, including swimming, diving and artistic swimming at the Aquarena.

These upgrades to the Aquarena support the Canada Games standards required to ensure that athletes from across Canada can enjoy a safe, excellent, sporting experience in August 2025.

The Aquarena was constructed for the 1977 Canada Games and many of its building systems are in need of upgrades to continue to operate all programming and services that support recreation and high performance sport.

Funding for these renovations has been provided by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Memorial University is working in close collaboration with the Memorial University Recreation Complex (MURC), operator of the Aquarena, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Canada Games Host Society and the City of St. John’s to ensure the project is a priority.

Renovations to the facility will enable the Aquarena to be viable for many years to come for both high performance sport and recreational use. Project plans include a family change room, additional washrooms, improved spectator area, extended 10-meter diving platform and a new 3-meter diving platform, new pool bulk heads and competition video display board, improved accessible access and structural, mechanical, electrical and lighting upgrades.

In order to facilitate these extensive renovations, and for the safety of users, the facility will close early this fall (2023) to allow for final preparation for the August 2025 Games.

Programming for the general public will be resume as soon as possible. More details about the schedule will be shared when they are available.

MURC leadership, which also operates The Works, is implementing an operations plan to best meet the needs of its current members. They will be communicating directly with clubs, members and other users of the facilities.