MUN Student Union Breezeway Renovation

Feb 17th, 2023

Sarah Button, with information and photos from Jason Adams, project coordinator lead for Facilities Management

In the middle of the Chemistry and Physics building, there sits a courtyard. Albeit no longer accessible, the courtyard originally only had three sides which created a breezeway (an architectural feature that allows the passage of a breeze between structures). Memorial University’s Student Union (MUNSU) would hold barbecues and student events in that breezeway, and when the building structure later changed shape, the name went to the bar at the Thompson Student Centre and now to its current location on the first floor of Memorial's Smallwood (University) Centre. 

Growing through a few iterations over the decades, the Breezeway bar recently took on its latest change this past year. Started in February 2021, MUNSU engaged local interior design consultant Carvel & Helm Interior Design Inc. to develop a design proposal to help transition the Breezeway from a typical moody bar/pool hall venue into a modern multi-function venue.  

Facilities Management’s Engineering and Development (FED) team was brought into the project during March 2021 to act as a liaison with MUNSU and the consultant and to provide assistance and oversight throughout the design, tendering, and construction phases of the project. Jason Adams, Project Coordinator Lead oversaw the project for FED.

Consultant concept drawings showed off a brighter colour pallet with additional and varied seating arrangements as well as a café to serve popular caffeinated concoctions.

 A rendering of a concept for the Breezeway bar renovation.

Carvel & Helm Interior Design Inc. – Concept Design

Renovations commenced in November 2021 through to September 2022 by local general contractor RCS Construction Inc. just in time for the Breezeway’s Grand re-opening event on September 23, 2022.

A work in progress photo of the renovations to the Breezeway.

RCS Inc. – Breezeway During Construction


A work in progress photo of the renovations to the Breezeway.

 RCS Inc. – Breezeway During Construction


The completed renovation to the Breezeway, showing a café bar.

 Completed project; same angle as above concept design.


 A wall of posters showing the Breezeway's history of musical performances at the bar.

 Posters from the Breezeway’s long history of musical performances decorate the walls.


The updated and renovated stage at the Breezeway

The renovated Breezeway includes an updated stage area.

With these modern renovations and additions, the Breezeway is poised to continue to serve and entertain future generations of the Memorial community.