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Jeux du Portail linguistique du Canada Quiz yourself on French vocabulary and grammar, or take quizzes on culture.
Conjuguemos Practice and test yourself on verb conjugation, vocabulary, and grammar using graded quizzes, flashcards, and games.
LyricsTraining Practice your listening comprehension skills with music and fill-in-the-blanks lyrics. Adjustable levels ranging from beginner (10% blanks) to expert (type in all the lyrics!).
Dictée d'Archibald Listen to audio passages and practice your listening comprehension and orthography by writing out what you hear using these dictée quizzes.
TV5MONDE : La langue Française Learn about Francophone culture around the world and about the French language, and practice your French with dictées and worksheets on videos, songs, and free ebooks.
The Fable Cottage Listen to retellings of classic children's stories with audio transcriptions and optional English translations.
Podcast français facile Listen to dialogues and texts with transcripts with accompanying quizzes and explanations, or study grammar and phonetics.


FREN 1500/1501/1502 Course Resources
McGraw-Hill CONNECT The portal to the 2nd Canadian edition of Vis-à-vis used in French 1500, 1501 and 1502.
DLC AV Resources Access to the Vis-à-vis videos used in French 1500, 1501 and 1502.
External Resources
BBC Languages French audio, exercises and podcasts. Check out Ma France!
Conte-moi Watch short animations with transcriptions and quiz yourself with little worksheets.
Duolingo Make learning a new language fun with this interactive software. Note: Requires you to create a free account.
Le Point du FLE A directory of lessons and exercises on the web on various topics on vocabulary and grammar.

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FREN 2100/2101 Course Resources
DLC AV Resources Access to the En Bonne Forme audio CDs (French 2100/2101)
French 2100 CDs list of tracks A list of which track on the  En Bonne Forme audio CDs corresponds to which content.
French 2101 CDs list of tracks The second part of the track list for the En Bonne Forme AV materials.
En Bonne Forme CD Script Script for audio tracks for all Chapters (1-22) covered by the French 2100 and French 2101 CDs
En Bonne Forme Workbook Student Activities Manual - En Bonne Forme
En Bonne Forme Textbook Companion Site Companion Site to the testbook En Bonne Forme
EBF Workbook Key (1) Answer key for Student Activities Manual - En Bonne Forme Ch. 1-6
EBF Workbook Key (2) Answer key for Student Activities Manual - En Bonne Forme Ch. 7-11
EBF Workbook key (3) Answer key for Student Activities Manual - En Bonne Forme Ch. 12-22
External Resources
French Phonetics Test yourself on your knowledge of and ability to hear differences in French phonetics with this collection of flash quizzes.
CIEP This site will expose you to DELF exam samples.

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Avis des Artistes A website about French artists for practice of aural comprehension.
COERLL French A list of French learning materials curated by the Centre for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas - check it out!
Passe-Partout PASSE-PARTOUT was developed to help intermediate and advanced students improve their aural comprehension skills.
For more resources at your level, see Reference and Research in the section below,
and/or try out some of the websites listed in Actualités, art et culture.

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Dictionnaires et autres ressources

English-French-English Bilingual Dictionaries
Word Reference Multilingual dictionary with examples.
Larousse English-French-English dictionary with audio and examples of use.
1000 images sur le bout de la langue Look up expressions in French or English to find the expression of equivalent meaning in the other language.
French-English, Monolingual French Dictionaries
Usito The first ever online dictionary of Quebec French, created by the Université de Sherbrooke. Search by word or use the topic links to navigate the dictionary by a word's grammatical category, affixes, gender, and many more! Also includes word lists by grade level.
Larousse Monolingual French dictionary with audio, examples, expressions, synonyms, homonyms, and explanations of areas of trouble.
French dictionary with examples and synonyms, searchable by grammatical class, usage, topic, expressions, proverbs, and synonyms. Has English translations, but not for all entries. Includes conjugation tables for verbs.
Dictionnaire de l’Académie Française The Académie Française's official dictionary of standard Parisian French.
Dictionnaire des synonymes Search words to find synonyms, ranked by similarity in meaning to your search. You can even see their relationships visualized in a special mode.
French Idioms Dictionary Look up French idioms and learn their meaning in English.
Le grand dictionnaire terminologique Dictionary of specialized terminology, searchable by domain. The website and all its definitions are all in French, but the dictionary does provide English translations and it is possible to search in English for terms in French. Usage guide.
Verb Conjugators
Bescherelle Search by verb for conjugation tables.
Larousse Search by verb for conjugation tables.
L'internaute Conjugation tables are included on the definition pages of verbs. Includes synonyms and lists and explains verbal expressions.
Grammar Checkers
Bon Patron Grammar checker that helps finds common spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in French. Grammar checkers cannot find all errors -- please check your writing using your notes and textbook as well.
Reference and Research
French Language and Literature Database Portal Portal to various databases on French language and literature, with access granted through your MUN login.
Forvo Pronunciation Dictionary Type in the French word or phrase you want to hear and get pronunciation from speakers around the world.
Banque de dèpannage linquistique An educational repository of articles answering questions on linguistic use, composition, and communication by the Quebec Board of the French Language. The website is entirely in French.
L'Académie Française France's official authority on the French language and its use. Navigate the site for questions on grammar, changes to their dictionary, and other topics.
Linguee Search and compare the use of words and phrases between English and French texts. While Linguee does have an inbuilt dictionary, it is primarily a corpus. Examples should not be universally taken as 1:1 translations.
ARTFL Project North America's largest collection of digitized French resources - expecially useful for queries about 16th, 17th and 18th century texts
Subjunctivator Always know when to use the subjunctive!

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Actualités, art et culture

Radio-Canada CBC's Radio-Canada website for news, music, entertainment - all in French.
French presence in Newfoundland & Labrador Discover Newfoundland's rich Francophone heritage and find out what French-speaking people are doing around the province.
Cheznoo The central hub for up-to-date news from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.
Organisation internationale de la francophonie The International Organisation of La Francophonie is a portal site of one of the biggest linguistic zones in the world.
On n'est pas couché TV Debate Show on literature, culture and politics.
Ville de Nice Thinking about studying abroad in Nice? Check out their city's website!
Télé-Québec Watch full episodes of TV shows in French, online for free from Télé-Québec.

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Work/Study in a Francophone Milieu

MLLC's Portal The Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department has a portal dedicated to various work and study opportunities in Canada and abroad, complete with descriptions and application deadlines. See below for a small sample of where you could go:
Explore Program Explore is a five-week intensive language-immersion program in Spring or Summer. You may be eligible for a bursary that covers tuition fees for the program if you are Canadian citizen or permanent resident and have been a full time student for at least one term during the current school year.
Frecker Programme Study in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in the Summer or Fall through MUN's Frecker programme.
The Canadian Third Year in Nice Program A 2 semester long program for up to 5 students from Memorial University selected each year to attend courses in French at l'Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

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