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Conjuguemos Practice and test yourself on verb conjugation, vocabulary, and grammar using graded quizzes, flashcards, and games.
EsFacil Test yourself on verb conjugation, numbers, and time telling.
Todo Claro This site will help you practice a wide variety of topics related to grammar, culture, vocab and so on.
Lyrics Training Practice your listening comprehension skills with music and fill-in-the-blanks lyrics. Adjustable levels ranging from beginner (10% blanks) to expert (type in all the lyrics!).
SpanishListening Listening resources for all levels of Spanish learners. Clips from a large variety of native Spanish speakers from many different countries and regions, with vocab definitions, transcripts, and quizzes.



SPAN 1000/1001 Course Resources
Puntos de Partida 1st year Spanish courses' Book Webpage. Includes Laboratory Audio Program for workbook activities.  
DLC AV Resources Portal to Puntos de Partida CDs and DVDs.
McGraw-Hill CONNECT Link to the online lab manual for students who purchased the Puntos de Partida e-book and a registration code for Connect.
External Resources
La Eduteca Very useful site with a lot of interactive grammar and reading activities.
Loecsen Free Spanish classes to improve your listening skills and learn new words.
Lingolex Grammar, vocabulary and Spanish culture. 
Podcasts to help you review grammar, syntax, vocab and so much more.
Aprenderespañol You will find exercices divided into sections.
Duolingo Fun, easy-to-follow Spanish practice
Study Spanish This site has online tutorials, cultural notes, useful links and much more.
Tío Spanish
You will find videos related to Hispanic traditions, basic vocabulary and so much more with a little touch of humor. Check it out!
SpanishPronto Spanish vocabulary, songs and idioms.

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Aula Diez Self-correcting exercises that give you immediate feedback.
Tío Spanish You will find videos related to Hispanic traditions, intermediate vocabulary and so much more with a little touch of humor. Check it out!
Habla Interviews and articles on various topics in Spanish
Spanish Language&Culture Cultural activities, verbs and songs in Spanish.

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Historias y cuentos A collection of short stories in Spanish
Los Poetas A collection of Spanish poems by poets from various Spanish-speaking countries along with biographies. Some poems come with audio.

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Diccionario- El Mundo Find the definition of a word along with its synonym and antonym.
Larousse English-Spanish-English dictionary.
Real Academia de la Lengua Española Spanish definitions.
Word Reference English-Spanish-English dictionary.
Linguee Search and compare the use of words and phrases between English and Spanish texts. While Linguee does have an inbuilt dictionary, it is primarily a corpus. Examples should not be universally taken as 1:1 translations.

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Vida y Cultura

BBC News Read about current events in Spanish.
Biografías y Vida An encyclopedia for Spanish-language biographies.
CNN Broadcast of CNN in Spanish.
Cultura Hispana Spanish language articles about aspects of Spanish culture like food, fashion, holidays and movies.
Centro Virtual Cervantes Expose yourself to Spanish language and Hispanic culture.
Prensa Escrita A collection of Spanish-language newspapers from various countries.
Diarios de las 2 1-hour news episode available 7 days a week exploring global affairs, Spanish politics and European sports.
Muy interesante Science magazine in Spanish.
Revista People People Magazine - in Spanish!

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