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What's great about the DLC

“This generation is all about communicating through computers and the Internet. By meeting [students] halfway, this generates more interest on their part.”

“[With Apple Remote Desktop] everybody else can see the student’s writing sample and we can all comment and bring effective criticism. It’s a very effective way of getting students to participate in class."

Sylvie Proulx, assistant professor, School of Music; who also teaches in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures


“The lab has proven effective in teaching acoustic phonetics.” We use the big screen to display an example and can play it back using speakers around the room. Then the class can discuss what we see in light of what we hear."

Dr. Yvan Rose,  associate professor; Department of Linguistics


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Teaching with Technology Resource Sites

Folklore Links

Then / Hier - Specific Resources for Teaching Canadian History

MERLOT - Mulimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching


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