Resources for Instructors

The Digital Learning Centre offers instructors in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to incorporate technology into their teaching in a variety of ways that promote student engagement and peer learning.

Located in room SN-4030, the DLC offers:

  • 40 Intel-based workstations for practice and teaching. Uni-directional layout.
  • 1 instructor workstation
  • Mounted video projector and speakers
  • Region-free DVD player
  • HDMI connector for projecting external devices
  • Internet access

Software for HSS disciplines:

The DLC offers instructors a large suite of software including, but not limited to:

  • SPSS; STATA; GPower and R (statistical analysis)
  • Orange (quaitative data analysis)
  • PRAAT; PHON; CLAN; Zotero (Linguistics)
  • Octave; PsychoPy; Jamovi; IrfanView (Psychology)
  • Ngswin (Chemistry)
  • French 2100 / 2101 practice CDs (French)
  • Paragraphe (DELF examination access)
  • Audacity (create/edit audio files)
  • Kden Live (video editor)

Book a class time

If you would like to book a class in the DLC, please contact the centre Acting Director, Dr. Anne Thareau; (709) 864-8597 or athareu @

See: DLC Booking Policy

If you require specialized software in the DLC for your particular discipline, please let us know before the deadline listed below, either by contacting the HSS Computing Centre or the DLC director.

Deadline for Winter 2024: 

Deadline for Fall 2024: August 2, 2024

How you can use the DLC

Teaching in which students complete technology-enhanced tasks during class

  • Methodology courses or any session during which students practice hands-on learning
  • Allow multimedia presentations by students (through LabNet access to files or via USB stick)
  • Secure invigilation of BrightSpace exams 

Audio and video capabilty provided through the headset at each student station:

  • Allows for individualized playback and/or repetition of a videoclip used in class
  • Particularly useful in second language culture courses, where the instructor might ask students to view a clip in the target language and discuss content and vocabulary used
  • Individual headsets allow students to view materials with repeated viewings at a volume level of comfort for them

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