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Dr. Anne Thareau
Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Office: SN-4031
Phone: (709) 864-8597

athareau @


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For general inquires of a non-urgent nature, please email dlc @


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For DLC bookings and other requests:

Dr. Anne Thareau

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Office: SN4031
Phone: (709) 864-8597

athareau @

For general inquires:

For general inquiries of a non-urgent nature, please email dlc @

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Student Staff - Winter 2024

Here is a list of the monitors who work at the Digital Learning Centre! Their job is to conduct online and in-person first-year conversation classes in French, German, Russian and Spanish and assist students in the DLC. Monitors are listed alphabetically by first name. They each provide some useful tips for learning a language.

Anastasia Spirina (Russian)

Email:   aspirina @

Studying:   Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Interests:   Horror and Sci-Fi Movies, Languages, Space

Resource Recommendations/Advice:

In my opinion, one of the most helpful techniques that you could use while learning a new language is incorporating it into your everyday life and making it a part of your hobbies, pastimes, etc. For example, I enjoy watching movies and TV shows in my free time, so when I started studying English, I decided to try seeing everything in English whenever possible. I found this to be a very effective way to learn a foreign language.


Carly Clifford (French)

Email:   cmclifford @

Studying:   Bachelor of Arts, majoring in French and minoring in psychology

Interests:   Fitness, reading & French 

Resource Recommendations/Advice:  

Immersion programs are one of the best ways to accelerate your progress in your second language! You are able to practice a more relaxed and familiar version of the language, encountering topics that are impossible to simulate in the classroom. Besides immersion programs, I’d recommend « practice, practice, practice » ! It can be frustrating trying to memorize the endless verb endings, genders of words, and different grammar rules, but I promise after lots of practice you’ll realize one day that you just know certain things you previously struggled with! Bonne chance à toutes et à tous :) 


Emma Dove (French)

Email:   ehadove @

Studying:   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English and French

Interests:   Languages, Energy Humanities and climate research, hiking

Resource Recommendations/Advice:  

I feel that listening to music has helped me to learn French as it is a way to incorporate the language into my everyday life. This is a very effective way to passively learn and practice understanding a new language, and sometimes you may even find your new favourite musician! 


Gabriel Araujo Lage (Spanish)

Email:   araujolage @

Studying:   Business Administration

Interests:   Finish my soccer career at Memorial, as well as my degree. 

Resource Recommendations/Advice:  

There is no right way of learning a language, however, going to a destination where natives will constantly be speaking to you will assure that you are constantly thinking in another idiom, which will lead to language fluency development.

Ken Tse Pen Ki (French)

Email:   kswttsepenki @

Studying:   Joint Major in Physics and Applied Mathematics (might change to do a joint honours in Physics and Applied Mathematics.)

Interests:   I like reading mangas and watching anime, doing sports in general (as I was an ex swimmer before) and my main goal right now is graduating (getting my degree). 

Resource Recommendations/Advice:  

I would recommend to get use with the language environment without forcing yourself. Listen to a song you like, you may not know what it is saying at first but if you like the melody enough, at some point you will start learning the lyrics and the language that goes with it. An advice I have about pronunciation in a new language is; if you cannot say a word out properly, someone may help you or you may try to find similar syllables in english then use it in the new language. eg. number 24 in french is vingt-quatre, vingt = sounds like 'vent' and quatre =  sounds like 'cat' but with an r sound at the end. So vingt-quatre = vent-catrrr :)


Kenza Kammoun (French)

Email:   kkammoun @

Studying:  French & Business Administration.

Interests: Reading books, traveling, and Taylor Swift.

Resource Recommendations/Advice:  

Listening to songs in the language you're learning is super fun & can help with listening comprehension!


Laura Kieley (French)

Email:   akieley @

Studying:  Bachelor of Arts, with a major in French and a minor in Mathematics.

Interests: I love to cook and play piano!

Resource Recommendations/Advice:  

Listen to music in the language you are learning, it’s a super easy way to learn new vocabulary and it’s enjoyable!

Email:   andrea.j.stowe @

Studying:   Bachelor of Arts, with a major in French and a minor in English 

Interests:   Reading, travelling and writing

Resource Recommendations/Advice: 

As a student in the French program at Memorial, I have learned so much that has been helpful to me, not only through the many opportunities offered through the university program, but through other opportunities to speak French in the Francophone community as well.

There are so many things you can do to help you as you progress in your language learning journey.There are opportunities to volunteer with Francophone organisations, and activities you can participate in as well. It's a wonderful way to practice speaking in French! There are movies, podcasts, and television shows  that might even become your new favorite shows to watch, once you find something you really enjoy. There are all kinds of ways to fall in love with learning the French language:)

Learning a language is a process, and there is so much to enjoy while you're learning, and so many people who will want to help you every step of the way. Bonne chance in your language learning journey, and hope to see you in the DLC.


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