Irish Student Resources


Gaelic TV Online Practice your listening comprehension using this TV site. Online dictionary, more suitab;e for advanced learners.  Online dictionary, suitable for beginners and advanced. Excellent for pronunciations in different dialects.  Online dictionary, offers more of a grammatical breakdown of words as well as a corpus. Online dictionary, excellent for phrases and should be used more as a corpus than a dictionary.  Online corpus, more suitable for advanced learners. Short online courses on Irish language and culture offered by Dublin City University. 
ultach Irish site Older online course with native speakers as tutors.  Online Irish language community, great reource for creating authentic conversations with other learners as well as having interation with native speakers.  Articles for variious levels of ability. Articles for primary level learners. 
Duolingo Learn Irish in just 5 minutes per day.  Tests in accordance with the Common European Frameowrk of Reference for Languages, more suitable for teachers.  Placenames of Ireland. 


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