Foroogh Mohammadi

PhD Student


Research Interests

Qualitative Methods, Sociology of Time, Symbolic Interaction, Iranian Diaspora

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Areas of Expertise

Sociology of culture, Sociology of Space and Place, Migration, Environmental Sociology

Supervisor: Dr. Lisa-Jo van den Scott

Personal Profile

Foroogh Mohammadi is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at MUNL. She has received her Master in Social Communication Sciences from the University of Tehran in 2017. In her doctoral dissertation, she seeks how Iranian immigrants create (if they ever do), negotiate, or resist a sense of belonging in the Canadian Atlantic provinces and Ontario through their everyday interactions and practices.

Foroogh has been awarded the “Institute of Social and Economic Research” (ISER) Doctoral Fellowship in support of her doctoral research. Now, she is also advocating for Sociology graduate students in the position of the Communication Director at the Sociology department at MUNL.


Media Manager, The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI).

Conference Organizing Committee Member, 38th Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference,.

Per-course Instructor, Department of Sociology, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS [Remotely].

Communication Director, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador Graduate Society of Sociology (MUNLGSS).

Research Highlights

Mohammadi, Foroogh. (2021). At Home in Canada: A Study of Iranian Immigrants. Sociology on the Rock, 20, 11-13:

Abdollahyan, H. & Mohammadi, F. (2018). An Ethnographic Study of Communication between Humans, Nature, and Place; in Search of Sense of Belonging in Abarkouhi Homes, Iran. Space and culture:

Ravadrad, A & Mohammadi, F. (2016). Representation of women in Iranian and American TV commercials, Journal of Women in Culture and Arts, 8, 83-99 [in Persian].

Molaei, H. & Mohammadi,F. (2016). The study of changing people’s intercultural schemas through using CouchSurfing social networking website. Global Media Journal, Persian Edition, 11(1), 95-111 [in Persian].

Conference Papers:

Mohammadi, Foroogh., Lisa-Jo van den Scott (2021, 05 August). The Neighbours’ Relationships Transformation along with the Dwelling Pattern Shifts in Iran: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Iranian Movies (1969-2019) [Conference Presentation]. 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction.

Mohammadi, Foroogh., Lisa-Jo van den Scott (2021, 21-23 June). Privacy Borders, Power Relationships, and Communication Forms in Two Types of Dwelling Patterns in Iran. [Conference Presentation]. Qualitative Analysis Conference [Hosted Online by Brescia University College].

Mohammadi, Foroogh., Pouya Morshedi. (2020, June 12). From Urban Structural Change to Urban Social Change: A Case Study of Doroud. [Conference Presentation]. 2020 Canadian Sociological Association Conference: Resisting Racism and Colonialism. [Urban Social Change Online Zoom Session].

Mohammadi, Foroogh. (2019, March 21-23). Concealing Identity among Afghan Refugees in Iran. The 21st National Metropolis Conference, Halifax, NS, Canada.