The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has launched a new webpage to promote the availability of upcoming undergraduate courses to our students. This webpage can be found at:


The Sociology Department offers Major, Minor and Honours programs for undergraduate students. It also services several diploma and certificate programs, and is open to students for electives or general interest courses. 

Declaring a Major/Minor

Students can declare a Sociology Major or Minor by going to the Registrar's Office and completing a Declaration/Change of Academic Program form. Students are advised to declare their Major and their Minor (or second Major) no later than the semester in which they attend the University following the completion of 18 credit hours.

The Undergraduate Liaison, Dr. Lisa-Jo van den Scott (lvandenscott@mun.ca), answers questions about sociology course selection at the undergraduate level. Planning your degree program early in your degree is an essential part of a successful appraoch to your studies in the Department of Sociology.

For information on general arts requirements, please contact the Faculty of HSS and Office of the Registrar.



The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences develops and administers certificate programs for those who wish to build on their skills relative to current best practices and theories. The programs also provide an excellent starting point for further university studies or act as a valuable adjunct to a bachelors degree. These certificates may be of interest to students in Sociology. 

Certificate Program in Criminology
The Certificate in Criminology is designed for those who are interested in the study of criminality, crime, deviance, and the correctional systems more broadly.

Certificate in Public Policy
The Certificate in Public Policy is designed for those who are interested in the study of governance and policy responses to public issues.



The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a number of diploma programs so that students may complement their studies in one or more fields of specialization. Most diploma programs are completed concurrently with a degree.

Diploma in Geographic Information Sciences
The diploma in GISciences consists of a series of courses in cartography, geographical information systems, and remote sensing.